Proudly creating spice blends and BBQ sauces that represent what Texas flavor is all about.

All products are carefully created, packed and sealed at our facility. We take extreme pride in offering what we feel are some of the finest examples of what BBQ seasonings and sauces should be in order to enhance the flavors of the meats and vegetables they adorn.

We are a small family owned spice company that came about as the result of over 30 years in the BBQ, restaurant and catering business. The popularity and constant requests about our various sauces, rubs and seasonings led us to form our own spice company.

While many of the sauces and rubs we carry are what have made our BBQ so famous, we are also introducing new items all the time. We take special pride and care in making sure our ingredients are only the finest. All of the sauces, spices and rubs we offer are our own blends and recipes.

Bob & Sheri Riley


LedgeStone Farms
Blanco, Texas